The perfect meat can be nearly impossible to find, and can drive many to insanity in their search; the right cut, marble score, where to be guaranteed the world’s finest? Well, thanks to Kilcoy’s latest product, that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Exclusive to University Meat and topping Kilcoy’s brand developments is Carrara 640 Wagyu, products that are progressively becoming recognized for their intricate and feathery patterns that are found in the marble, elevation of the buttery texture and the delicate marbling that has become synonymous with taking Wagyu to exceptional new heights.

Verified grading and labelling, the Carrara marbling score is a component of the AUS-MEAT beef quality grading system, available in MB 3, MB4-5 and MB6-9. Carrara 640 Wagyu comprises of world-class genetics and a high-end marble score, scoring only at the 12th/13th rib for a more consistent marbling throughout the body.

There is no denying that this product is being positioned in the market as a luxury item and has a very positive effect on the eating quality of beef when it comes to tenderness, juiciness and flavour, giving Wagyu an extraordinary eating experience.


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