University Meat is a Food Service Distributor  for 36 Degrees South


36 Degrees South is the second largest meat processor and exporter in Australia, produced in the very heart of South Australia’s wine country Coonawarra. It is the first Australian beef brand designed from the ground up. They use Meat Standards Australia (MSA) eating quality scores rather than conventional dentition assessment for ciphers.

Verification by the MSA system ensures they demonstrate a high value on animal welfare, sustainable farming and dedication to providing consumers with a high-quality tasting experience with local ingredients.

They hand select from the Naracoorte feed lot with the sole purpose of being the perfect size for the food service industry. Offering both grain fed and free range, this enables a year-round continuity of supply. They source their range from the highest MSA eating quality product with hormone growth promotant-free cattle sourced across the south-east. The cattle that is sourced are raised in a clean and safe climate, luscious pastures and overall, an unspoilt environment.

36 Degrees South aims to pair its quality beef with some of the region’s top drops. Genuine care and respect of the land is a value of 36 Degrees South as they believe the terra rossa soil is unique in producing great produce. This ensures a quality experience, meeting customers standards.