Beef is well known for its tenderness, juiciness, and flavour, but what’s the perfect type of beef that deserves to be on your menu?

University Meat is Ausmeat accredited, meaning we use the Ausmeat Grading system to grade all our beef, lamb, veal and goat products. This grading system is an internationally recognised language. By using Ausmeat Language, the grading system can used for export, so that other countries can then compare our grades to their own

This grading system is not based on appearance or on opinion, but rather it is based on the development of the animal; age, sex etc. This makes it more full-proof than that of visual and colour that may deem a product to seem a certain quality, but will not guarantee quality or consistency.

By using the Ausmeat Language, it therefore becomes easier for you to compare products when going to market.

At University Meat we believe in “Quality for Purpose,” so here are a few ideas on what you can do with the different categories we have available.

  • YG – Young Beef. Muscles are not worked, so this means the cut of meat will have a tender, light flavour. This particular product is ideal for function work, as it available in smaller portions (200-250g steaks). It is recommended to season this particular category of meat, as more flavour can be added.
  • YP – Young Prime Beef. Similar to the earlier mentioned YG, but YP is slightly older animal, with a bit more flavour. 
  • PR – Prime Beef. The development for this cut has a tenderness as well as full flavour. Better for large portions (300g plus). Recommended for restaurants because of the portion size and the overall quality. 
  • S – Ox. A bit older than the earlier mentioned PR, therefore the cut is not as tender but still maintains a robust flavour. This product is a good all-rounder, comes in large portions (300g plus) – and is very affordable.

We at University Meat have worked with meat for a really long time and our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you pick the best quality products we have on offer.

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