University Meat has always had a reputation for quality and consistency, however we believe that this is what you expect from a supplier. Our Signature Steak Series however, offers a little something extra.

Our Stockman’s Valley range is prime beef that is sustainable, natural and guarantees the highest quality and consistency standards we can offer .

Stockman’s Valley 100 Day Grain Fed Tenderloin 1.8kg + $38.00kg

Raised in the Gippsland on the ocean side of the Alpine National Park. The sea breeze and vast expanses allow the cattle to roam freely and graze on the ocean tainted green pastures. The beef is fed grain for at least 100 days, resulting in a product that is guaranteed to be very tender with a light and clean flavour.

Stockman’s Valley MSA Grass Fed Striploin 5kg Under $15.60kg

Grown from the Yarra Valley to the snowfields near Macedon. The snow run-off keeps the pastures very lush ensuring this beef has a very robust, juicy and distinct flavour.

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