The world is changing and the Australian Red Meat industry is adapting in order to be able to continue to succeed. Red Meat 2030 is an industry-led 10-year plan to create profitable, environmentally sustainable and customer focused red meat businesses, consumers who feel good about the products and a world-leading industry that we can all be proud of. The plan will significantly benefit everyone in the industry – producers, lot feeders, livestock exporters, processors and retailers – as well as customers, consumers and communities, here and across the globe.

The Australian Red Meat Industry has set the ambitious vision for 2030 of doubling the value of meat sales as the trusted source of the highest quality protein. Australian Red Meat will double in value and deliver $57 billion in growth to Australian agriculture by 2030, more than half the government’s target, according to the plan that was released on the 16th of October 2019.



  • Australian red meat – beef, sheepmeat, goatmeat – is enjoyed by 24 million Australian’s (the World’s 6th most carnivorous nation per capita) and millions more customers worldwide in over 100 export destinations
  • Red meat sales are currently valued at $28.5 billion – $11 billion in domestic sales, $17.2 billion in export sales
  • A 2030 doubling of total value of red meat sales at $57 billion would exceed the Morrison
  • Government’s $100 billion-dollar target for Australian agriculture



  • Position red meat as a superfood, that is the highest quality protein of choice worldwide
  • Double the value of red meat sales; and triple the amount of capital invested into the sector
  • Halve industry and government led regulation
  • Achieve carbon neutrality whilst rewarding red meat farmers for their environmental services
  • Market access reformed and pioneered with 90% preferential access achieved and $1 billion dollar reduction in technical barriers to trade
  • Recognise the role Australian red meat plays in developing regional Australia and global security