“Australian beef has always traded on being clean and green and by capturing data across a wide range of indicators that can be further demonstrated to customers and stakeholders. This evidence is essential in helping ensure that consumers continue to feel great about eating the world’s best beef”.

The Australian Beef industry has a high degree of accountability to our Australian consumers and the community, which lead to the development of the Australian Beef Sustainability Report for further responsibility in ensuring that we are moving forward to meet customer expectations and aiming for continuous improvement to encourage the prolonged existence and success of the industry.

A report update was released with an insight into the sustainability of the Australian Beef Industry, highlighting the current advances that are being delivered by producers, and demonstrating that consumers can place their trust in the way their red meat is produced, every step from paddock to plate. Showing that the industry is achieving major milestones in its care for consumers, land and livestock – an industry initiative that aims to meet changing community expectations and support a thriving Beef Industry. The main highlights of the update consist of reducing the carbon accounts of the sector by 56 percent, demonstrating that the goal to be carbon neutral by 2030 is on track.

The 2019 Sustainability Update sent a strong communication to customers and stakeholders that the industry is continuously demonstrating a self-directed approach to improving the environment and welfare of animals in its care, all while producing high quality and nutritious beef. The update for the first time benchmarks our industry’s commitment to achieving the right balance of tree and grass cover and shows that forest and woodlands on beef-producing land nationwide are increasing, and removal of primary forests has declined more than 90pc since 1990.

The take-home message from the 2019 report update and the best thing for customers to do is to buy Aussie Beef and continue to support a sustainable Beef Industry.


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