Did you say beef? We love eating at the Royal Melbourne Show. It’s one of the main reasons that we go to the show.  At University Meat we are stoked for the opportunity to sponsor The Angus Steakhouse. In celebration of the Angus as the 2019 Royal Melbourne Show beef cattle feature breed, there's a new spot for a restaurant-quality sit-down meal - the Angus Steakhouse will be serving up hearty steakhouse food, including specialty steaks, golden fries and wine in a relaxed cosy setting.

Venture to the new Angus Steakhouse – this is where Angus beef celebrates 100 years in Australia. Think sirloin steaks, Angus burgers and other chargrilled specials that change daily. Tantalise your taste buds with some of Australia's finest meats cooked by expert steak chefs. Whether it's rib-eye, rump or sirloin, rare to well-done, The Angus Steakhouse is the place to find the perfect steak.

Kick back in the classic pub-style steakhouse in between visiting livestock and tasting pavilions. Executive chef and head of food and beverage Neil Rocke says the Angus Steakhouse will sell new cuts and encourage diners to eat and drink well, and chill with the family.

“The Steakhouse is definitely a place to sit back and relax in a more grown-up environment,” Rocke says.