“The greatest meat on earth comes from our own backyard, and that is something every Australian should be proud of. By choosing Australian Beef, Australians are enjoying the freshest, highest quality and best tasting meat”.

Australia has been supplying Beef to over 120 countries worldwide for nearly a century; in fact, Australia has become the largest beef exporter in the world. Aussie Beef is internationally recognised for being safe, wholesome, natural, tender, and juicy.  So, what are the actual benefits of 100% Australian beef?

  1.  Versatility -  The Australian Beef industry is focused on exporting, our beef production and packaging is tailored to suit the needs of numerous different customers and cultures. Whether customers need restaurant-ready beef cuts or retail cuts specific to a particular operation.

  2.  Animal Health Status - Australian stock is free of many diseases that exist in other parts of the world. This status is passionately guarded by the Australian government and meat industry, and numerous programs have been put into place to maintain this superior standing. Australian Livestock are raised in a healthy, natural environment.

  3.  Food Safety & Wholesome Products - All Australian export meat packing plants are regulated by the Australian Federal Government through the Department of Agriculture. Australian beef exceeds internationally recognised food safety and animal health standards.

  4.  Traceability - Every animal is tagged whenever an animal is moved from a property; the NLIS database is updated to provide complete traceability, which allows the health and feeding history of every animal or animal group to be tracked back to the property of birth.

  5.  Quality - Thanks to the revolutionary Meat Standards Australia (MSA), our country’s agricultural industry leads the way in giving consumers the best information on getting the most quality out of their purchases.

  6.  Animal Welfare Standards - There are several regulations and standards that are in place that Australian meat company’s producers and processors pay heed to. Australia has a world class feedlot industry and Meat Companies need to adhere to animal welfare regulations and laws regardless of the status or value of the livestock.

  7.  Environmental Sustainability - Australia’s livestock industry is the only industry in the country to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions since 1990. That means Australia has one of the most sustainable meat industries in the world.

With all these benefits, there's no surprise that there are consumers all over the world that love buying high quality Australian Beef.


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